Rabbits & Rosaries

A nun’s life. That’s got to be pretty boring, right? Well, in this case decidedly not. From stories of an adventure-filled childhood in neighbourly but class-ridden rural Victoria, the narrative moves to convent and hospital life in the 1960s and beyond, with all its joys and frustrations, raising questions that leave the reader wondering how it was that thousands of young women stayed in a system with such a potential to infantilise. At the same time the author acknowledges the education and training provided by her order and the extraordinary sacrifices of the women who preceded her.

Nursing life in her Catholic religious order took Glenys Yeoman from Victoria to Subiaco and then Bunbury in Western Australia. She also had the challenging experience of working in remote Aboriginal communities and under the glare of red lights in Kalgoorlie.

A change in life direction saw Glenys establish, under episcopal auspices, a major counselling and welfare service in Bunbury. Recognition of her competence and dedication had her invited to add to her responsibilities membership of the South West Development Authority, initially charged with undertaking a massive redevelopment of central Bunbury.

Then, as retirement loomed, a huge decision turned her life upside down … Many fascinating stories, and the memorable characters attached to them, grace the pages of this most rewarding book.

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