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For the past six decades Dr Ernest Cosmo Manea has been a multifaceted, energetic presence in the city of Bunbury. This book tells his story and that of his wife, Beulah, who in her own right has been a major contributor to the life of this major Western Australian provincial city.

Ern Manea has been without peer as a community leader in Bunbury and the South West region. As a general practitioner he was always available, he delivered thousands of babies and he also provided a surgical service at Bunbury’s public and private hospitals for more than half a century. The book outlines his journey from Albany to the Universities of Western Australia and Adelaide, then to the Royal Perth Hospital and finally to Bunbury. He reflects on being mayor and chairman of the South West Development Authority and tells of his dealings with premiers and prime ministers. His involvement in high-level sports administration is also highlighted.

Both Ern and Beulah Manea have been made Freemen of the City of Bunbury, and both have been recognised with Order of Australia medals.

There is nobody I appreciate more than Ern Manea. The whole of Western Australia, particularly the South West, should appreciate him.
Ivor Robertson, former Deputy Mayor, City of Bunbury.

E.C. Manea did ordinary things extraordinarily well.
Glenys Yeoman, former Sister of St John of God and Board member of the South West Development Authority.

As a doctor he was unique. He had exceptional surgical skills, better than most specialists.
Dr Gary Mincham, Bunbury GP/anaesthetist.

His input to the success of Bunbury 2000 was enormous. The program could not, and would not, have succeeded without Ern Manea.
Brian Burke, former Premier of Western Australia.

Both Ernest Cosmo Manea and Claudine Beulah Elaine Manea are admirable Australians, important Western Australians and exceptional Bunbury citizens.
Kevin Strapp, former Board member of the South West Development Authority.

Whenever we met he would offer me a brief synopsis of the overall performance of the government, the South West Development Commission or, in more recent times, Edith Cowan University. It is a measure of the man that I came to look forward to these meetings: his assessments were always accurate and to the point.
Hendy Cowan, former cabinet minister.

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