Yesterday’s Heroes

ISBN 978-0-9806108-8-8

For some, perhaps, the golden years of Fremantle began with the America’s Cup defence and the emergence of the Cappuccino Strip. But, for those who lived through that time, there remains a yearning for the Fremantle of half a century ago, when thousands were employed on and around the wharf, when a dozen pubs were bursting at the seams, when businesses thrived and when the town lived and breathed football.

It is that era Chris Carmody evokes with this engaging compilation of interviews he has conducted with men who lived, worked and played in the Fremantle of that time. Nearly all of them were wharfies or footballers and quite a few were both.

Yesterday’s Heroes is a substantial contribution to the social history of Fremantle as well as an entertaining and revelatory evocation of another time in this unique town.

Any thoughtful interpretation of Western Australia’s history will always include Fremantle. The interaction between Australian footballers and the wharf provide such a perspective. A delightful read.
Laurie Mayne Former Australian Test Cricketer

Yesterday’s Heroes brings together some of the great names of Fremantle sport as well as many of the tough, shrewd characters who worked on the wharf. Names like John Todd, Jack Sheedy, Steve Marsh, Paddy Troy, JJ Miller, John Gerovich and Con Regan come to life as 29 men reminisce about older times through which they lived. A unique book.
Baden Pratt, author of George! The Life and Riotous Times of George Grljusich

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