Me and Germaine

Learn something you didn’t know about Elizabeth and Leonard Jolley! Marvel at the disappearing telephone wire! Meet the five-year-old Olivia Newton-John! Be impressed by the sixth sense of a tie salesman! Gasp as a young physics student becomes an instant hairdresser! Marvel as Barry Humphries plays the boy who killed his mother! Meet the strange Three-Time Charlie! Hold your breath as Reg Ansett annoys the hell out of Maggie Scott! Feel the chill as the author gets lost in Petra! Gasp as the US prepares to invade Indonesia in 1958! Boggle at the heckler who might have extended Don Bradman’s career! Consider the mysteries of life’s origin with Paul Davies! And, yes, Germaine …

This is a book of recollections and reflections that has the author, Allan Watson, flying off in many directions. Some of it’s weird (certainly); some of it’s funny (perhaps); some of it’s deep (er, deepish); some of it’s pretty ho-hum.

Disclosure: The proprietor of Round House Press and the author are the same person.

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